Liz Overstreet

A Journey of Self

Liz's journey through life has been a tumultuous one, marked by hardship, pain, and loss. As a child, she endured abuse and neglect that left deep scars on her soul, shaping her perception of the world as a cruel and unforgiving place. Despite the darkness that surrounded her, Liz always harbored a flicker of hope deep within her heart, a belief that one day things would change for the better.

When Liz met her first husband, she thought she had found the love and security she had always longed for. However, the marriage soon turned toxic, mirroring the abuse and neglect of her past. The aggression, anger, violence and cruelty only served to reopen old wounds, leaving Liz feeling trapped in a cycle of despair.

In the midst of this turmoil, Liz's world was shattered when her beloved daughter, Rylie, took her own life at the tender age of 13. The pain of losing her child was unbearable, threatening to consume Liz in a sea of grief and despair. Her son, once vibrant and full of life, withdrew into himself, consumed by anger and sorrow over his sister's death.

But amidst the darkness, Liz discovered a glimmer of light. Through her grief and heartache, she began to feel a connection to her daughter beyond the veil of death. Through astral travel and deep meditation, Liz found solace in the moments she spent with Rylie in the realm of spirit, forging new memories and deepening their bond in ways that transcended the physical world.

Through her experiences with the other side, Liz's consciousness expanded, opening her up to realms of existence beyond the mundane. She had three near-death experiences that brought her closer to the divine, connecting her with guides and angels that offered her guidance and comfort in her darkest hours.

With each triumph and trial, Liz's spiritual awakening has deepened, leading her to embrace her role as a beacon of light for others who seek healing and guidance. Drawing on her own experiences of trauma and transformation, Liz became a spiritual life coach, using hypnotherapy techniques and subconscious healing to help others on their own paths to healing and self-discovery.

Liz's presence is a source of inspiration and comfort to those around her, a living testament to the power of resilience, love, and faith in the face of adversity. Through her work, she seeks to bridge the gap between the physical and spiritual worlds, offering solace and connection to those who long to reconnect with their loved ones beyond the veil.

As Liz walks her path with grace and courage, she embodies the essence of unconditional love, a love that transcends time, space, and even death itself. In her presence, others find hope, healing, and the courage to embrace their own journeys of transformation and renewal. Liz's story is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit, a reminder that even in the darkest of times, light and love can prevail.