Liz Overstreet

About: Liz

Hi! I am Liz! 


I have 24+ years in healthcare to include work as a licensed Emergency Medical Technician for nearly a decade in Maries and Phelps Counties.  I hold a degree in Human Services from Columbia College, a Certificate and professional licensure (Missouri) in Massage Therapy from Metro Business College, Certificate of Reiki Master from Metaphysical Instructor Lisa Powers, Sports, Deep Tissue, and Acupressure Certifications from from Isla Versa Institute in Australia, a Certificate in Modern Neuromuscular Massage from The Center of Massage Education, and Sports and Injury Recovery from the American Massage Therapy Association. 

I have studied under metaphysical instructors to include, Amy Powers, Cheryl Lynn Gramp, and Dr. Rebecca Sullivan. I am certified in hypnosis therapies by Marisa Peer the founder of Rapid Transformational Therapies and Delores Cannon for Quantum Healing Hypnosis Certification, as well as finishing up 10 more certifications at the moment! Wow huh! It’s a lot, but I strive to be the best at what I do, and I strive to be the best therapist to my clients. 

I have studied under Dr. Robert J. Gilbert and Dr. Ibrahim  Karim for Sacred Geometry and Sacred BioGeometry. With this I am capable of creating a resonance through sacred shapes and symbols for your body to pick up and heal itself naturally. 

My massage clients will tell you I’m known best for massage techniques and pressure and they will share with you that I am also an intuitively guided healer and Master in Esoteric healings. Reiki is where I started with the esoteric healings, but there are so many more techniques that I like to use additionally. Not every client needs the same treatment. That’s why I individualize your treatment plan to best fit your body, your goals, and your highest good. 

I’m incredibly excited to journey on whichever adventures you would like be it Advanced Neuromodulation-Massage for acute/chronic pain and/or injury, Breath and Meditation Classes or Sacred Geometry and BioGeometry classes, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy, Esoteric Healing through the use of Sacred Geometric practices, Hypnosis Sessions to treat weight loss, addictions, bring joy and happiness to your heart, ridding of anxiety and depression, or a mixture of all of them (there are over a dozen types.) 

Healing people means healing the earth and adding positive vibrations to a suffering planet. It is my path to assist you in the best practice for healing your body, mind, and soul.